On the Defiance TV Show

Defiance Syfy

My experience with the Defiance game encouraged me to check out the TV show on SyFy if just to learn a bit more about the world they live in. I did learn a little bit more, but not nearly as much as I had hoped.

What I did get was a witty and engaging sci-fi program in a world that actually felt real populated by characters that actually mattered. I have got to say, I’m impressed. I’m impressed more because it’s a SyFy exclusive show, not because it’s also got a tie-in video game. Defiance has stark shades of Eureka and Firefly with just a light sprinkling of Battlestar Galactica, and all of that coalesced into a show I found myself laughing at, cheering for, and desperately wanting more when it ended.

This isn’t going to be a blog about the Defiance show, nor will I cover any more on the Defiance game, but I will absolutely be checking out future episodes of this show on my own time. I hope that the high points of the outstanding premiere can carry on into the rest of the series. Like the game, the TV show suffered when it came to the action, but also like the game it soared when the writing and actors were allowed to flex their muscles.

I haven’t sat down to watch a TV show in months, but I am glad that it was for a show with this much raw potential. I just hope it executes it better than the game.


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