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On the Defiance TV Show

Defiance Syfy

My experience with the Defiance game encouraged me to check out the TV show on SyFy if just to learn a bit more about the world they live in. I did learn a little bit more, but not nearly as much as I had hoped.

What I did get was a witty and engaging sci-fi program in a world that actually felt real populated by characters that actually mattered. I have got to say, I’m impressed. I’m impressed more because it’s a SyFy exclusive show, not because it’s also got a tie-in video game. Defiance has stark shades of Eureka and Firefly with just a light sprinkling of Battlestar Galactica, and all of that coalesced into a show I found myself laughing at, cheering for, and desperately wanting more when it ended.

This isn’t going to be a blog about the Defiance show, nor will I cover any more on the Defiance game, but I will absolutely be checking out future episodes of this show on my own time. I hope that the high points of the outstanding premiere can carry on into the rest of the series. Like the game, the TV show suffered when it came to the action, but also like the game it soared when the writing and actors were allowed to flex their muscles.

I haven’t sat down to watch a TV show in months, but I am glad that it was for a show with this much raw potential. I just hope it executes it better than the game.


Disney Shuts Down Lucasarts


It’s a sad day indeed for the gaming industry. Earlier today, Disney announced that they had completely closed down the Lucasarts studio and laid off all 150+ employees and cancelled all existing projects, including Star Wars 1313, one of the first true ‘next-gen’ titles that was announced for PC and the future console generation.

For those unaware, Disney, as of late last year, bought the rights to the Star Wars franchise from George Lucas. It had seemed that things were looking up for the venerable franchise and all the studios that work on it, with the notable exception of Lucasarts, who according to Gamespot, had frozen all hiring of new employees. Lucasarts has been responsible for over 30 years of outstanding video games, not the least of which being the Monkey Island and Indiana Jones adventure game series and the original Knights of the Old Republic, which has gone on to become one of the most well-loved and respected Star Wars expanded universe franchises. In a statement on Game informer, it appears that Lucasarts as an entity will remain, but its focus will instead shift to licensed products and minimizing the company’s risk while achieving a broader portfolio of quality Star Wars games”It remains to be seen exactly what this entails, but what is known is that all current employees will have to find new jobs and the fate of the much-anticipated Star Wars 1313 is now in limbo.

As for my personal opinion, it’s decidedly negative. I was a huge supporter of Lucasarts’ titles and some of their products are absolutely in my “Most Loved Games” list, and so the closing of the studio reeks of a bad omen and intense corporate meddling. Disney has always been a mixed bag in regards to the licenses they own, but insofar it seemed that Star Wars was doing nothing but benefitting from the purchase, similar to their acquisition of Marvel Comics. The new Star Wars trilogy was  headed by sci-fi guru J.J. Abrams, the Star Wars: The Clone Wars TV series received rave reviews and gained a huge following, and the video game front of the franchise (spearheaded by Lucasarts, of course) seemed to be leading the way into the next generation of video games. This new development certainly casts a bad light on Disney’s hold of the beloved Star Wars universe, and the coming months and years leading into the new movies and television shows will be met with even more caution because of this shocking and unfortunate shuttering.

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This seems like a good place to start

This seems like a good place to start.